MultiCooker H.A is our latest machine, made to run a variety of products with the utmost efficiency. The products being cooked get a frying surface without losing weight, and the cooking itself is very fast. The speed of the PTFE-belt is adjustable, making the machine suitable for both cooking and pre-cooking. The belt is being cleaned with an inbuilt belt wash, maximizing the lifespan of the belt. The belt wash uses either hot water or steam.

The MultiCooker can be delivered with a flipping device, which flips the products, so that the product gets a frying surface on both sides. The machine can also be delivered with one or multiple frying zones, making the machine even more flexible. The MultiCooker uses heating plates, hot air and steam. The heating plates gives a frying surface, the hot air increases the core temperature and the steam ensures maintained product weight.

We deliver the MultiCooker with belts widths of 650 mm, 1000 mm, 1100 mm and 1200 mm.

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