Food Process Technology is located outside Helsingborg in the south of Sweden. We started up our business in 2003 after developing a concept for IKEA. Finding a need for our services Scandinavia and Central Europe, we have experienced a rapid growth. The last 15 years our technicians have been working within different segments of the food industry giving the vast experience in the field of food production. We work with some of the biggest food production companies in Sweden, Norway and Denmark.In Norway we work with HJM Norge.

Mission Statement

Our mission and only goal is to be the most future oriented company in the industry, technologically superior to our competitors while helping you stay within your company’s budgetary goals. This means we run a very efficient business, putting as much emphasis on developing our machinery to make it as effective and dependable as possible. At the same time, we cherish the countryside and wish—as you probably do—to have as little impact on the environment as possible. We think green for both you and planet Earth.

Our Technicians

Our technicians are the finest in the business. Their primary focus is your needs. Ola Paninder, the CEO and owner, is himself a very experienced service technician with immense experience from Europe, Asia and North America.


Food Processing Technology has developed and produces Double-Sided Cookers, Single-Sided Cookers, Steam tunnels and Multi-Cooker H.A. We also have a great deal of experience helping our customers redesigning their older machines and helping customers with technical and support services out in the field.

We keep most of the parts in stock for Belt Cookers, Combi Cookers and Forming Machines produced by our competitors as well. We also produce heating platens, as well as other necessary spare parts for you to run your company as smooth as possible. Our streamlined organization helps us keep prices down for you, making our prices very competitive. Food Process Technology is proud to be the sales agent for Taconic PTFE Belts.

Ola Paninder

CEO & Service Manager