The Belt Cooker is a machine that we develop continuously and is made to fry products on both sides. Usually, the machine is used for frying of meat, chicken and fish.

We manufacture Belt Cookers of various sizes, and with heating plates in the sizes 950×590 mm, 1060×590 mm and 1160×590 mm. These heating plates are also compatible with other food processing machines on the market. However, our heating plates have a 6 mm stainless-steel surface, making them exceptionally easy to clean. Our stainless-steel plate will not be affected by any cleaning detergents either, which in turn extends the life span of the PTFE-belts. We have both electrically heated plates, and heating plates with Thermo Fluid/hot oil.

The Belt Cooker can be delivered with following belt widths: 650 mm, 1000 mm, 1100 mm and 1200 mm.

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